Niagara - 11-15

Hello everyone!  It is American Treasure Tour movie poster time again, and today, we are going to discuss a film that starred someone we have talked about before, and will likely address again.  Because really, who can get tired of Marilyn Monroe?


Niagara, released in 1953, was the first time Marilyn Monroe headlined a film, and it proved a great success for her and for Fox Studios.  It proved one of their biggest hits of the year.  A film noir shot in full color, the story is a familiar one dealing with adultery, double crosses, murder and sacrifice.  Critics were a little hard on Marilyn when they said her acting may not have been up to snuff, but they could not deny that she added a sensuality to her role that was only compounded by the dramatic location shots of Niagara Falls.


Joseph Cotton, Marilyn Monroe's costar in Niagara, had been in films since the 1940s.  Which of the following films did he NOT star in?

a)  Citizen Kane

b)  Shadow of a Doubt

c)  Gaslight

d)  All About Eve

e)  Hush...  Hush Sweet Charlotte

Answer Below.


1939 - The cornerstone of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. was laid on this date by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  The land on which the memorial is located was originally landfill dredged from the Potomac River in the late-19th century.  FDR supported the idea of honoring Thomas Jefferson because of his great respect for the man and his legacy.  Construction took place during the waning years of the Great Depression, and was officially dedicated on April 13, 1943, and the bronze statue of the third president was put in place in 1947, two years after Roosevelt's death.

Jefferson Memorial.jpg



Ed Asner turned 84 years old today.  Asner has made a name for himself as an actor in numerous television programs, most notably the 1970s situation comedy The Mary Tyler Moore Show as Mary's curmudgeonly boss Lou Grant at her news television program job.  After seven seasons, the show ended on a high note, after which Asner enjoyed continued success in his own spin-off, Lou Grant, a dramatic program about journalism.  He reached a new, younger audience a few years ago as the voice of Carl Fredericksen, the old man, in the Pixar film Up.  Happy birthday Ed (aka Lou)!


There's never been a time in history, no matter what the public thinks, when actors have been paid more than they should be. - Ed Asner.

Answer:  d)  All About Eve