Olivia Newton-John

QUESTION: Olivia Newton-John has participated in numerous soundtrack recordings in her career. Which of the following did she miss out on?
A)  Xanadu
B)  Sordid Lives
C)  Grease
D)  The Bodyguard

Celebrity is a strange thing We tend to know the lives of famous people, without knowing anything about their families. We mention this because OIivia Newton-John, singer, actor, and reality television judge, is far more famous than her distinguished parents and grandparents, but they definitely deserve a call out. First, her maternal grandfather was the German Nobel Prize-winning atomic physicist Max Born in 1954 for work done in the 1920's. Of Jewish descent, Born emigrated to England during the Nazi regime. Her father, Brinley, was part of the Bletchley Park Enigma project, and not only served at breaking the German secret codes but was also responsible for placing notorious Nazi Rudolph Hess in custody.

And then there was Olivia.  Born in 1948, she was six years old when her family moved to Australia.  Dad became a university professor, and Olivia found her bliss in music. She began singing as a teenager, around the same time she began work on radio and television. She was eighteen when she recorded her first song, and released her first album in 1971.  It drew attention, but did not make her a star. She persisted, showing enough promise to inspire a move to Los Angeles.  It paid off in 1978, when she was cast in the film version of the musical Grease.  She received international attention for both her music and her acting.  After the success of the film, she released Totally Hot later that year. It went platinum. It would be three years after Totally Hot before her next album was released. And that's what we are going to talk about tomorrow. 

ANSWER:  D)  The Bodyguard. That was all Whitney Houston right there.