Olympia Brewing Company - Thursday, November 5, 2015

We talked the other day about the Reading, PA- based Sunshine Brewery, an advertisement for which can be seen here at the American Treasure Tour.  They are not the only purveyor of beer on display here.  There is a mirror ad here for Olympia Gold Beer as well.  The Olympia Brewing Company was located in the small town of Tumwater, which is, no surprise, on the beautiful Olympic peninsula in Western Washington.  They opened in 1896, promoting the purity of the water they used in their beer.  They did well enough, enjoying prosperity until the unfortunate year of 1916, when Washington state signed into law their own Prohibition.  

A new Olympia Brewery opened in 1934 and did well in the low-priced national beer market for many decades.  Things changed in the 1970's, when many breweries consolidated.  Flat sales and a scandal involving the brewery's president and two regional politicians led to its 1983 purchase by an outside agent, ultimately culminating in Olympia's ownership by the Pabst Company, which continues to produce the beer today (although Pabst itself was recently purchased by TSG Consumer Partners). 
QUESTION:  In 2013, Olympia Beer announced it would give a one million dollar award to anyone providing the proof of what?
A)  Intelligence in humans
B)  The existence of the Loch Ness Monster
C)  The location for a better beer
D)  The existence of Big Foot.

INTERNAL COMBUSTION GOES VROOM!  The long-lasting impact of the patent received on this day in 1895 by George Selden could not have been appreciated at the time.  His one-cylinder internal combustion engine patent would rule who manufactured cars during the formative years of the automotive industry.  Selden's patent ensured that every car produced would provide Selden and the Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers (ALAM) 5% of the profit.  That is, until they declined Henry Ford's request to become a member of ALAM. Mistake.  Ford challenged their right and won on appeal in 1903, effectively destroying the power of the organization to dictate who could do what.

HAPPY BUBBLES -- I MEAN, BIRTHDAY, MYRON!  Yes, today we celebrate the birth of Myron Floren in the year 1919.  And yes, that was his real name.  The famed accordionist appeared on The Lawrence Welk Show for thirty years, alongside his fellow Dakotan.  Lawrence was from North Dakota, Floren's family emigrated from Norway to South Dakota.  In fact, Floren claimed that his self-taught skill at playing accordion saved his life as a child.  A victim of scarlet fever, working the squeezebox strengthened his chest muscles enough for recovery.  And he spread joy for the remainder of his 85 years.

QUOTE:  It is not our ability but persistence that ultimately leads us to our greatest achievements. - Apoorve Dubey

ANSWER:  D)   The existence of Big Foot.  So far, no one has collected.