Omrod's Film Phantasmagoria - Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Again today, we delve into the wonderful and maybe a little odd world created by artist Bob Omrod, whose collected works are on display at the American Treasure Tour for all to behold. One great joy for the staff at the Tour is watching the reactions of our guests as they devour the items here.  The immensity of the collection aside, many of the pieces might be described as weird, and Omrod's Fantasy Wonderland definitely fits that description.

Today, we are going to honor one of the more creative of Mr. Omrod's creations:  the display of forty horror film greats.  Yes, there are more characters in this display than we could hope to list here - and where would the fun be in that anyway? - but you can get an idea of the complexity of his work.  Unfortunately, speaking of a list of the forty characters - Mr. Omrod neglected to provide us with a list of the forty, so we are going to have to figure it out just like you.  (How we wish we could have a copy of the teacher's textbook on this one!)
QUESTION:  Which of the following actors did not appear in a movie version of The Fly?
A)  Eric Stoltz
B)  Jeff Goldblum
C)  Vincent Price
D)  Harry Dean Stanton

THANKS FOR THE CHECK!  Great Britain had a tough time of it during the twentieth century, speaking in very broad terms.  World War I was devastating to the island nation and its empire, but World War II proved terrible on many levels.  The United States avoided armed conflict on our own soil (excepting in the territorial possessions of Alaska and Hawaii).  Economically, the war actually strengthened us and allowed our government to help Great Britain out.  After the war, England was almost bankrupt, so a generous loan at low interest rates was provided to help them get back on their feet.  On this day in 2006, that loan was paid off.  You see?  Money lent between friends does not always damage relations...

BILLY, BE A HERO.  Born on this day in 1879 was Billy Mitchell, a career military man who fought the resistance of his superiors in the effort to establish what would become the United States Air Force.  He devoted his life to the cause strengthening air power, getting demoted and courtmartialed along the way.  Only after his death was his vision acknowledged and his efforts justified.  He remains the only American after whom a military aircraft was named - the North American B-25 Mitchell.  

QUOTE:  Nothing can stop the attack of aircraft except other aircraft. - Billy Mitchell

ANSWER:  D)  Harry Dean Stanton.  Hopefully you know Mr. Stanton's work.  Unfortunately, he did not grace the screen with any of the human flies mentioned above.