Overland - Monday, September 21, 2015

The American Treasure Tour is chock-full of wonders - including advertisements of old. One such metal sign would have been located at an automotive shop.  It declares that the shop in question services Overland-brand automobiles.  You will find this in the Toy Box, not far from our historic truck collection.

The Overland Automobile Company was founded in 1903 by Claude Cox of Terre Haute, Indiana, an ambitious engineer employed by the Standard Wheel Company whose aspirations to produce his own cars led him to design and build his own factory in Indianapolis, Indiana.  His cars sold well - in fact, they sold better more than he was able to produce.  A dealer out of Elmira, New York was very successful at selling Cox's Overland but, when Cox could not deliver the vehicles, this dealer actually went to the factory to see what the situation was.  He saw a disorganized site on the verge of bankruptcy, and decided the only way to fulfill his orders was to buy the company and manage it himself.  His name was John North Willys, and that's exactly what he did, changing the name of the company to Willys-Overland.  But that is a story for another blog.
QUESTION:  In what city was the primary Overland factory located?
A)  Indianapolis, Indiana
B)  Terre Haute, Indiana
C)  Toledo, Ohio
D)  CIncinnati, Ohio

DON'T DO IT, BEN!  If ever there was a day in American History you wished would have turned out differently, you might say it was this one.  One of the most accomplished generals fighting for the Patriot cause under George Washington during the American Revolution was unquestionably a man named Benedict Arnold.  Unfortunately, Arnold was not so much a people person, and he alienated many people in Congress and the military.  Between that and injuries incurred during the war, he became bitter - to put it nicely.  On this day in 1780, he gave the plans to the American fort at West Point over to the British military, becoming the notorious traitor to the cause we know him to be today.

HAPPY <insert explosion> BIRTHDAY, JERRY!  Yes, Jerry Bruckheimer, the movie producer, turns 72 today, but don't let his age fool you.  He is nowhere near slowing down, or allowing the action to slow down in his films.  Known for such action-packed blockbusters as Top Gun, The Rock, Con-Air and National Treasure, Bruckheimer has an uncanny ability to know what the American public wants in entertainment, and he keeps on bringing it to them.  Take a day off today, Jerry, enjoy the celebration.  Then, of course, get back to work!

QUOTE:  Definitely it's a fear of failure that drives me. - Jerry Bruckheimer

ANSWER:  C)  Toledo, Ohio.  In fact, the original factory building's tower remains standing with the name of the company still visible.