Owen Moore

QUESTION:  How many films did Owen Moore star in between 1908 and 1937?  
A)  7
B)  42
C)  96
D)  279

The American Treasure Tour definitely has a love affair with the movies.  We have posters up wherever we have some empty wall space, and we have head shots of actors displayed spanning the entire history of the industry, starting from the silent era.  If, ninety years ago, you told someone that you didn't know who Owen Moore was, they would think you were crazy. Born in Ireland in 1886, Moore began acting when he was twenty-two.  He quickly became insanely popular and starred in a number of films during the silent era, primarily for the Biograph Studios.  Biograph happened to be the studio of choice for other blog favorites, including Florence Lawrence, with whom Moore worked numerous times.  He also met his wife there, an actress named Gladys Moore (we know, actors never marry other actors.  Right, Brangelina?).  

Working under the pseudonym Mary Pickford, the former Gladys' career skyrocketed.  Owen's didn't do quite as well, and he rode on her coattails to success, but his ego got damaged in the process. He took to the bottle, beginning a life-long struggle with alcoholism, and treated her very poorly.  So Gladys/Mary divorced him (marrying Douglass Fairbanks literally days later) and Owen received a $100,000 settlement.  Perhaps it was his Irish accent, but Moore did not make the transition into talkies very well.  By 1937, his career was over.  Tragically, his life was over only two years later.  The diagnosis was death by heart attack, at the young age of 52.  A number of his films are available on dvd and to downstream, but he's far more glamorous in person.  We recommend you make a visit to the American Treasure Tour and try to find his picture among our expansive collection.

ANSWER:  D)  279.