Robb Royer Rob Roy

Happy Birthday to Robb Royer born on this date in 1942 ...

You may know what a Rob Roy is ... but who is Robb Royer? 

a.  Musician and member of the soft rock band Bread. 
b.  A visual effects designer whose work includes Star Wars.
c.  Once major league pitcher and baseball manager for the Minnesota Twins.


Answer.  Robb Royer is a musician and was a member of Bread.

Robb Royer

Robb Royer

He knows which side his bread is buttered on.

Today's Quote:  
"I judge a restaurant by the bread and by the coffee." --Burt Lancaster


Did you know?  Burt Lancaster's first T.V. role was on Sesame Street?

Some Sesame Street Facts:
To date, this children's series has won 118 Emmy Awards.
Around 8 million people tune in every week.
Sesame Street has aired in 120 countries since its inception.
Ernie is the only Sesame Street puppet with a built in smile.
Over 440 celebrities have appeared on Sesame Street.
Big Bird is not a huge canary.  He is an 8'2" golden condor.