Pacific Heights - Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The American Treasure Tour blog is continuing our series on the new movie posters of the Toy Box today.  (We know, but we just can't stop!)  We talked yesterday about the Batman movie franchise, so it only stands to reason that today we would discuss a movie starring a former Batman:  Michael Keaton.  Keaton has definitely had an interesting career - from the light-hearted comedies he made in the early-'80s to two films about the brooding Batman and then moving on in the 1900s to less savory characters.  He just won accolades for his performance as Riggan, the anti-hero in the Best Picture of 2014, Birdman.

Back in 1990, Keaton dabbled in psychological thrillers.  Pacific Heights was directed by John Schlesinger (director of  Marathon Man and Midnight Cowboy).  Its story was every landlord's nightmare - the charming tenant who not only refused to pay his rent, but who also terrorized everyone around him.  The film stars Matthew Modine and Melanie Griffiths as the put-upon landlords, who ultimately have to decide whether they are going to let their bad tenant win, or if they are going to fight back.  What would you do?
QUESTION:  The neighborhood in which this film takes place is in what California city?
A)  San Diego
B)  San Jose
C)  San Francisco
D)  Santa Ana

MOVE!  On this day in 1985, the decision was made by then-Philadelphia Mayor Wilson Goode to force the evacuation of a number of dissidents from a town home they had armed with all sorts of weapons.  The group locked inside called themselves MOVE, led by an illiterate leader of the movement named John Africa (nee Vincent Leaphart).  Goode authorized the use of a bomb, which destroyed the home and other houses in the area.  It also left a death toll.  Not Philly's proudest moment.  Mayor Goode did not get re-elected.

EVERYBODY LOVES MAUDE!  The actor behind Maude was, of course, Bea Arthur.  And it's likely safe to say that Bea was more lovable than any of her television characters, including Maude and The Golden Girls' Dorothy Zbornak.  Bea Arthur was born today in 1922, and lived to be 86 years old.  During her long and illustrious career, Arthur performed on stage, as well as the small and big screens.  But she will long be remembered for her two most popular situation comedies.

QUOTE:  I'm not playing a role, I'm being myself.  Whatever the he** that means! - Bea Arthur

ANSWER:  C)  San Francisco