Pamela Erff

QUESTION:  The American Treasure Tour has many, many dolls displayed throughout the Music Room. Notably, none of them are of which legendary character from Camelot?
A). Guinevere
B). King Arthur
C). Morgana La Fey
D). The Lady of the Lake

Anyone who has visited the American Treasure Tour has most certainly noticed the wonderful doll collection spread across the Music Room. We would like to focus today on one of the producers of these creations:  Pamela Erff.  Ms. Erff has realized her imaginative creations since 1986: over thirty years making realistic and fantastic dolls for doll lovers across the world. The artist began her career in the fields of sculpture and pottery, using her understanding of clay to recreate human expression in her replica characters.  She moved on to experiments in vinyl and other mediums, ultimately creating limited edition series and, occasionally, one-of-a-kind dolls that sell for exorbitant rates to this day. 

One of the limited edition dolls displayed in the Music Room represents a young girl in an angel costume.  Number 0162 out of 1000, the line was produced in the year 2000.  With her flower tiara and tan dress, this sitting doll is ready to fly.  But now why would she want to do that, considering she is resting on one of our wonderful Wurlitzer nickelodeons?  No, we'll keep her right where she is.  Although she does occasionally move from machine to machine when there's no one else around.


ANSWER:  B). King Arthur