Patricia Rose

Patricia Rose - dollmaker.jpg

QUESTION:  Which color cannot appear in a naturally grown (meaning not modified) rose?
A). Red
B). Orange
C). Blue
D). Green

It's not difficult to understand the fascination people have had with the human figure since pretty much the dawn of time, especially considering that we as a species want to understand our own bodies and such. We have simulated the human form in art since the first cave dwellers scratched into their walls, and will likely continue to do until the end of time. One way this manifests is in the creation of dolls, and the American Treasure Tour is definitely full of dolls of all shapes and sizes. Today, we are going to talk about one of the more stunning examples on display in the Music Room - Midnight Star.

Royal Midnight Star - Rustie by Patricia Rose.jpg

Whether you are a collector of dolls or not, it is easy to see the craftsmanship and care put into creating Midnight Star. Patricia Rose is one of the best-respected names in doll design. Not only does she incorporate intricate detail and make her dolls extremely lifelike, but she offers a service rarely seen in the doll world: she provides instruction on how to make your own dolls. For a number of years now, Patricia Rose has provided lovers of the craft with guides and materials for how to construct dolls out of polymer clay and porcelain. If you love dolls but want to do more than just admire the completed product, Patricia Rose may very well be your best resource to learn how to pursue your passion. The Treasure Tour is home to a number of different Patricia Rose dolls, but what stands out about Midnight Star is that Rose collaborated with Rustie to create her. To learn more about Rustie, you will just have to check back in tomorrow....

ANSWER:  C). Blue. This is due to the lack of anthocyanidine pigment delphinidin.  As if we had to explain that to you!  The other one is black.