Paul Newman - May 27, 2014

No doubt you read the header to today's blog and got excited at the thought that maybe Paul Newman recorded an album that is on display in the Music Room here at the American Treasure Tour.  Sorry to say, that's not the case.  If he ever sang into a microphone, we are none the wiser. Instead, we are here to talk about his contribution to film.  We suspect it will come as no surprise to you that he is a favorite among the crew here at the ATT and for good reason.  He was not only an amazing actor but, according to the women who work at the Tour, he is apparently dreamy, too....

Paul Newman made his fame in film, notably with his Academy Award for Best Actor in the 1986 Martin Scorcese film The Color of Money, but he has done much more with his celebrity than many others.  Aside from a passion for auto racing, Newman also co-founded Newman's Own, a food company from which all profits go to helping the disadvantaged.  He also founded the SeriousFun Children's Network, which provides camps and support for children with serious illnesses.  So.  Not only is Newman talented and dreamy, he also did many great things to help people, that continue on since his passing away in 2008 at the age of 83.

QUESTION:  What was the last fictional film in which Paul Newman performed prior to his death?

a)  Cool Hand Luke

b)  Road To Perdition

c)  Cars

d)  The Meerkats

Answer Below


Eighteen years of production stopped on this day in 1927 at the Ford Automotive plant.  The Model T, one of the most popular cars ever produced in the world, was retired the day after the fifteen millionth T rolled off the assembly line.  Although the Model T is generally regarded as the car that anyone in America could afford, it was long outdated by 1927.  The other major car manufacturers had outpaced Ford in technology and appeal to the public, so Ford was ready to start over again.  In December, production would begin on a new, improved Model A car.

By 1937, the American addiction to travel was in full swing, and nothing could stop us from getting from Point A to Point C - even if Point B between them was the San Francisco Bay!  On this day, the Golden Gate Bridge opened its pedestrian walkway.  It was a major step on the way to opening the famous landmark for automotive traffic, and the opening of traffic between the city of San Francisco and Marin County, California.


The descendant of Dutch indentured servants, Cornelius Vanderbilt became one of the richest men ever to live in the United States.  He was born today in 1794, a Staten Island boy who provided ferry service to Manhattan from an early age.  That began his ascent.  He then bought steamboats, then exploited the ambitions of miners looking for gold in California, and then railroads.  Despite having thirteen children, with ten surviving him, Vanderbilt willed 95% of his ample fortune to his eldest son, William, and his four sons.

42 years Vanderbilt's junior and considered his greatest enemy, Jay Gould shared his birthday. Gould was an extremely ambitious entrepreneur prepared to do what it took to make his fortune.  He was extremely powerful in railroads - and a competitor to Vanderbilt - but he also nurtured dubious relations with the corrupt and controversial Tammany Hall political party in New York City.  In 1869, he strove to corner the national market in gold, and contributed to a panic that led to an economic depression.  

QUOTE:  If you don't have enemies, you don't have character. - Paul Newman

Answer:  c)  Cars.  He did the voice for Doc Hudson.  The Meerkats was the last film in which he was involved; however, that was a documentary.  As was Dale, which also came out after Cars.