Pauline Starke

QUESTION:  Pauline Starke's first husband was the film producer/director/writer Jack White, who she married in 1927.  To whom was a more contemporary Jack White married when he co-created the band The White Stripes?
A)  Meg White
B)  Marge White
C)  Maggie White
D)  Madeleine White

The prolific actress Florence Lawrence (who appeared in a previous blog entry) starred in her first film in 1906.  Considered the first movie star, Lawrence began a trend that has never subsided. Of course, time has proven a harsh judge for some of the early greats, who are now completely forgotten.  Pauline Starke might be considered one of these forgotten stars, despite her having been prominent in the film industry and starring in some high-profile movies between 1916 and the early-1940's.

The famed director D.W. Griffiths discovered her when she was an extra in his film Intolerance, and she ascended quickly to top billing, notably playing Marge O'Doone in The Courage of Marge O'Doone in 1920, and Helga in 1928's color film The Viking, the love interest of Leif Ericsson in a set piece.  In an industry where a woman's age often impacted the length of her career, Starke was stripped of her celebrity by the time she turned forty, in 1941, and she retired to a life of comparative comfort with her second husband, the German-born George Sherwood, with whom she stayed the rest of her life.

ANSWER:  A)  Meg White.  Born John Gillis, he adopted Meg's family name when they married and became Jack White.