QUESTION:  Which of the following is not a type of penguin?
A)  Southern rockhopper penguin
B)  Macaroni penguin
C)  Erect-crested penguin
D)  Sangrene penguin

The American Treasure Tour blog is dedicated to sharing historical and informative tidbits inspired by pieces included in our vast and varied collection. We recently obtained a new member of our stuffed animal collection that, we feel, warrants some attention.  He's around three feet tall, very huggable, and absolutely adorable.  Of course, we are talking about our Emperor Penguin! There are more varieties of penguin than you could count on an abacus, assuming you don't know how to use an abacus (if you do know how to, then that statement is way wrong. Then we would correct ourselves and just state that there are a lot).  So, you may ask how we know we just adopted an Emperor? Deduction.

Our Penguin is hard at work browsing a catalog.

Our Penguin is hard at work browsing a catalog.

Emperor Penguins are the tallest and heaviest of the penguin family - weighing in at between fifty and one hundred pounds, and towering up to four feet tall.  They also have yellow highlights on their neck and heads, on an otherwise black and white body. Our guy has all of that going for him. Emperors live primarily in the Antarctic region, and waddle cutely but awkwardly across snow and ice, while swimming with great agility and speed. They primarily eat fish, but will take what they can get, and can stay submerged for as long as eighteen minutes without coming up for air, and go as far as 1,755 feet below sea level in their search for food. Perhaps because their preferred climate is so isolated from humans, there is a fascination with these wonderful and strange animals. The 2005 French documentary March of the Penguins proved the great interest many have in these guys. Of course, we ask why you would go to such effort when you could just come to the American Treasure Tour and get up close and personal with our friendly, quiet, stuffed penguin. According to his tag, he comes from an exotic land called Sea World.

ANSWER:  D)  Sangrene penguin.  We just made that name up.