QUESTION: Terry Shaddick and Steve Kipner originally wrote the song "Physical" with a 'macho male rock figure like _________ in mind."  Who did they have in mind?
A)  Jeff Lynne
B)  Rod Stewart
C)  Mick Jagger
D)  David Bowie

Prior to the success of Grease, Olivia Newton-John had a wholesome, girl-next-door image. The transformation of her character Sandy in the film from clean cut to naughty was her window to change her own image. She took her time to do it, waiting three years before releasing the song and album Physical. She succeeded beyond her wildest expectations. The song "Physical" would stay in the Billboard top ten for ten weeks (replacing Hall & Oates' "Private Eyes"), a record of the time and considered the most successful song of the entire 1980's. Part of the popularity of the song can be attributed to its catchy melody, but it's just as likely the risque lyrics chock full of sexual innuendo that led to its banning from many radio stations surely had a great impact on its success, too.  The video of the song had its own set of controversy, dehumanizing men (a notable twist in a culture that often does that to women in its music) and the depiction of homosexuality. A link to it is included in this issue of the blog - don't worry, it's not explicit. Just incredibly cheesy.  It also won a Grammy Award, so it MUST be good.

The album includes ten songs. In previous releases, Newton-John included country music. This abandoned the genre and replaced them with heavily synthesized songs that often incorporated her pet projects, specifically environmentalism and animal rights.  The album received positive reviews and proved to be the pinnacle of her career.

ANSWER:  B) Rod Stewart