Pierce Arrow Museum - Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Yesterday, the American Treasure Tour blog regaled you with tales of the Herschell Carrousel Museum in all its glory!  Well, only a twenty minute drive from there is the Pierce Arrow Museum - dedicated to Buffalo, New York transportation.  Not only does the museum have a nice collection of restored automobiles on display including, of course, Pierce Arrows, since Buffalo is where the Pierce Arrow factory was located.  We at the ATT love cars, and always enjoy experiencing the collections of other museums; however, the main draw at the Pierce Arrow Museum is their Frank Lloyd Wright-designed 1927-designed Filling Station.  

Frank Lloyd Wright is easily the most famous American architect, and many of the buildings he designed and constructed are available to tour today as museums.  His Filling Station is unique because, while he designed it, he never found the funding to actually build one.  The museum in Buffalo actually built in decades after Wright's death off his original designs.  Constructed using copper for the roof and a gravity-fed gas-distribution system, it is as ingenious as it is beautiful and, unlike most of the structures Wright built, it has never suffered from water damage.  Likely because it's never been exposed to the elements since it is entirely inside the museum.  
QUESTION:  At a time when Henry Ford made only black cars, what color was Frank Lloyd Wright's Ford vehicle?
A)  Black, of course
B)  Red
C)  Yellow
D)  Blue

JOHN BULL.  When you think of the year 1831, it is difficult to imagine what life was like.  The world was so completely different than it is today.  In fact, transportation was still pretty difficult.  Steamboats were being used, but so were the horse and buggy.  Well, the John Bull train, imported to New Jersey from Great Britain, was first used on this day.  Technologically speaking, it was an amazingly important event.  150 years later, it was run again.  The Smithsonian Institution had the machine and were able to show its durability by getting it going again.  Pretty amazing technology!

STONE.  Oliver Stone is turning sixty-nine today.  The director has made twenty-four films in a career spanning four decades, many of them nominated for numerous Academy Awards.  He has famously pushed the envelope with the style and content of his movies, notably in Platoon (1986, starring a still-at-that-point sane Charlie Sheen), Born on the Fourth of July (1989), and 2008's biopic of controversial president George W. Bush called W., during his presidency.  You never know what Stone will cook up next, so stay tuned....

QUOTE:  Never underestimate the power of jealousy and the power of envy to destroy. - Oliver Stone

ANSWER:  B)  Red.  Wright 'had to' stand out.