Pink Panther

QUESTION:  What was the name of the second film in the Pink Panther franchise?
A)  The Pink Panther
B)  The Pink Panther Returns
C)  The Pink Panther Strikes Back
D)  A Shot in the Dark

Have you ever heard of a live action movie series that inspires a cartoon that is arguably more popular than the original?  The original film The Pink Panther was released in 1963.  The crime/comedy was directed by comedy legend Blake Edwards and starred David Niven as a notorious jewel thief.  Niven was effectively overshadowed by Peter Sellers as the bumbling French Inspector Clouseau, who clumsily solved crimes and became a household name with his antics.  The original Pink Panther was a pink diamond, and the object of David Niven's "The Phantom" jewel thief.  The opening credits of the original film introduced the famous pink feline that would not only open every film in the series after that (including the remakes made starring Steve Martin as Clouseau), but star in his own cartoon series.  In fact, he appeared in 124 shorts including, in 1964, the Pink Panther short cartoon The Pink Phink, which won an Academy Award.  He has also had ten separate television shows, three prime time specials, comic books, and numerous collectible series.  Notably, the animated character has almost never actually spoken.  

The popularity of the character continues today, with many people not even realizing it all started with a live action film.  Located in the Toy Box here at the American Treasure Tour is a stuffed rendition of the panther that, standing, is over three feet tall.  There are other versions of him scattered around, too.  We challenge visitors to find every rendition of him spread throughout the Tour, but it won't be easy!

ANSWER:  D)  A Shot in the Dark.