Pinocchio - Friday, July 3, 2015

The American Treasure Tour is a trove of very special Americana, and there are few names few names more closely associated with Americana than that of Disney.  In fact, the cartoons, movies, theme parks, and other creations of Disney are some of the most-recognized images in the world. Today, we are going to talk about a very special member of the Disney family:  Pinocchio.  

The character of Pinocchio pre-dates Disney by a few years.  In fact, the wooden puppet that wanted to be a boy first appeared in print in 1883 in a story written by the Italian Carlo Collodi. This Pinocchio was not quite as endearing as Disney's version.  He was selfish, malicious and morally crippled, and quite possibly designed as a metaphor by his creator for those reluctant to endorse the unification of the Italian peninsula into a country.  Disney's Pinocchio was naive and gullible, but inherently likable.  Wise changes as he became a highly sympathetic protagonist in the 1940 film , the second full-length feature film ever created, following Disney's own Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs from three years earlier.  Today, Pinocchio is regarded as one of the most-beloved animated features ever made.  On display at the American Treasure Tour is, among other things, the plastic coin bank pictured here.  
QUESTION:  In 1976, Sandy Duncan played the part of Pinocchio in a televised 1976 musical production.  What other famous character adopted by Disney did she also play?
A)  Peter Pan
B)  Cruella De Ville
C)  Sleeping Beauty
D)  Hercules

GO, U.S.!  Philadelphia has many wonderful historic sites and artifacts tourists can visit.  One engineering masterpiece, however, is not open to the public, and there is no estimate into when it will be opened.  You can drive by it, at the dock on Columbus (Delaware) Avenue.  It's called the SS United States, and it was the fastest cruise ship on the open seas when it debuted on this day in 1952.  It broke all the records made before it, and still has hold to some of its claims today, despite the fact that it was retired in 1969, after it was deemed no longer profitable.  The ship is now rusting away at its dock in South Philly - so help fight the fight to preserve it at!

BARRY BIRTHDAY.  Newspaper columnists are people, too, and they all have birthdays. Today, we celebrate the birth of Dave Barry.  New York born, and long-time Miami resident, this humor writer has been in print for well over forty years, sharing his observations on all facets of life and family in The Miami Herald from 1983 to 2005, and also in his own novels.  Today he turns 68.  Between 1993 and 1997, Harry Anderson starred in Dave's World, a sitcom inspired by Barry's writings, effectively reaching audiences in multiple venues.  Happy birthday, Dave!

QUOTE:  It is a scientific fact that your body will not absorb cholesterol is you take it from another person's plate. - Dave Barry

ANSWER:  A)  Peter Pan.  She performed as the boy who never aged many times on Broadway.