"Playmates" (1941)

QUESTION:  John Butler, the director of Playmates, directed dozens of films between 1918 and 1956, including which of the "Road to..." movies? 
A)  Road to Morocco
B)  Road to Bali
C)  Road to Hong Kong
D)  Road to Perdition

Kay Kyser was a popular bandleader in the 1930's and '40's, but by 1950 he was out of show business, a retired performer concentrating on his spiritual growth with the Christian Scientists. Now largely forgotten, in his day Kyser was considered quite a success:  ten number one hits, eleven years on a beloved radio show, and starring in seven movies, including Playmate which also happened to be the last film starring John Barrymore.  The movie is a light comedy of sorts. John Barrymore plays himself.  He is a has-been, heavy-drinking Shakespearian actor looking for work because he is almost completely out of money.  His agent finagles a deal with Kay Kyser, also playing himself. Kyser will get Barrymore a radio contract and Barrymore will train Kyser on the fine art of acting.  Kyser's into the deal, but Barrymore will have none of it, and spends most of the movie trying to avoid Kyser, while music abounds.  It is a comedy; however, fans of Barrymore have struggled with it because it showed him during his final decline.  He would be dead within six months of its release at the untimely age of sixty.

In fact, the timing of the release of Playmates could have been better - although there was no way that RKO Radio Pictures could have anticipated what would happen.  The film came out on December 26th, 1941 - one day after Christmas and nineteen days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  The United States was at war.

ANSWER:  A)  Road to Morocco.  The series of comedy films starred Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, and Dorothy Lamour.  Road to Perdition was not, so you know, one of those films.