Red Dog - Thursday, May 21, 2015

Our theme these days here at the American Treasure Tour is neon signs.  We have a lot of them here (no big surprise, I suppose), and we're happy to celebrate them!  We can thank the French for figuring out how to harness neon in glass tubes - it was Georges Claude who, in 1902, patented the methods still used today to make the gas glow.  Today's neon sign is dedicated to Red Dog!

For some reason, many beer companies choose to advertise using neon.  Maybe it's because the signs are bright and eye catching and beer drinkers get distracted easily.  Or maybe just because neon is bright.  And eye catching.  Anyway, Red Dog is produced by the Miller Brewing Company out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  It came to be in 1994, and is brewed with two barley malts and five varieties of hops.  Trying to gain different markets, Miller does not make a big deal out of its ownership of Red Dog, but we are here to let you know what's what.
QUESTION:  Which of the following is NOT part of the Miller family of beers?
A)  High Life
B)  Midnight
C)  Fortune
D)  Magnum

THUMBS UP!  In 1934, on this day, the small Iowa town of Oskaloosa made history when it became the first American municipality to require all of its citizens to be fingerprinted, including its children. The first time anyone recognized the potential usefulness of fingerprinting for keeping track of criminals (and, of course, others) was in 1858, when Sir William James Herschel, working in India, used them to keep track of contracts signed with natives.  Now, of course, forensics teams depend on them around as much as they do on DNA!

I PITY THE FOOL.  Can you believe that Mr. T is 63 years old today?  Where does the time fly When Laurence Turead was born in Chicago, Illinois to a minister and his wife, they could have had no idea he would grow up to become a great star and a symbol of the 1980s.  He grew up with four sisters and seven brothers in a three-room apartment complex where he saw the sorts of things that little kids should not have to see, which may have been the motivation for him to work hard and succeed.  Succeed he did, with roles in Rocky III and, of course, The A Team.  Mr. T has also been in cartoons, on cereal boxes and depicted as an action figure.  You go, T!

QUOTE:  I don't worry.  I don't doubt.  I'm daring.  I'm a rebel. - Mr. T

ANSWER:  D)  Magnum