Riding on Air (David L. Loew)

QUESTION:  The Marx Brothers starred in what 1946 film, produced by David L. Loew?
A)  The Cocoanuts
B)  Horse Feathers
C)  A Nigiht at the Opera
D)  A Night in Casablanca

There can be no doubt that benefits are to be had by being the child of a highly successful entrepreneur. Many examples exist to support this, but we will focus on only one:  the Loew family. Marcus Loew was an American rags to riches story.  Born into a poor Polish Jewish family in 1870 New York City, he never received a proper education, but had a knack for business. Scrimping and saving, he bought a penny arcade, then a theater, then a few theaters, then a movie studio.  Then he was the owner of the Metro Pictures Company and gained a controlling interest in the Goldwyn Picture Corporation. Meanwhile, he worked closely with the film producer Louis B. Mayer, eventually incorporating his name in the new MGM Studios.  That happened in 1924, and three years later Marcus had died, while Loews, Inc. retained a controlling interest in the company for many years to come.

Marcus was survived by two sons: David and Arthur.  Arthur married Mildred Zukor, the daughter of Adolph Zukor, the founder of Paramount Pictures. David was on the board of directors for Loews, Inc. for thirteen years, before he decided to make it on his own.  In 1935, he created his eponymous film production company. Having the luxury to look back on David's career, it might be argued he should have stayed with Loews, Inc. He produced six films between 1937 and 1938, including Riding on Air.  Most of them starred Joe E. Brown, and were pleasant comedies, but they did not make a huge return. 1938's The Gladiator is accredited with helping to inspire the Superman character by some historians.  In the 1940's, Loew tried again with a second production company, and after the war he tried a third time, but he gave up the fight by 1950 and retired from the film industry entirely. But we can be grateful we have Riding on Air as a result of his efforts!

ANSWER:  D) A Night at Casablanca