Riding on Air (Riding on Air)

QUESTION:  Which of the following is not a Joe E. Brown film?
A)  Earthworm Tractors
B)  6 Day Bike Rider
C)  Some Like It Hot
D)  Mongoose Heaven

We devoted yesterday's blog to the story of Guy Kibbee, a distinguished comedian of the 1930's and '40's who co-starred in the film Riding on Air, without giving proper attention to the film at hand. So we are going to rectify that right now, and explain to you just why you may want to consider placing this film high on your cue of movies to watch!

The primary reason is its star player - Joe E. Brown. The comedian made people laugh for two decades, and in Riding On Air, his affable but clumsy presence guarantees a silly frolic. He plays Elmer Lane, a small town reporter and airplane pilot (of course!) with aspirations to something bigger, he wins a whopping $5,000 contest sponsored by a breakfast cereal. The nefarious J. Rutherford Waddington, a.k.a. Doc, learns of his windfall and develops a scheme to grab his money that makes Elmer look the fool to both his peers and his fiancee. In his effort to redeem himself, Elmer manages to expose a bootlegging scheme and a murder. Through the miracle of YouTube, you can actually watch the entire film right here, right now.  And then come visit the American Treasure Tour to see one of the original posters that advertised the film when it just came out!

ANSWER:  D) Mongoose Heaven. We've already claimed the name, so don't try to make the film without the American Treasure Tour!