Full-Throttle Thursday

The car we celebrate in today's blog is one of the true classics:  an open-air 1924 Sedan by Cadillac. This luxury vehicle cost somewhere around $4,000 brand new - which may not sound like a lot of money today, but over ninety years ago that was a small fortune. But, like cars today, the more you spent, the more you got.  And Cadillac was the ... um ... Cadillac of automobiles back then as it remains today. The innovations introduced to the car industry by the Cadillac company are many and significant.  This car is a manifestation of most of them.

1924 Cadillac.jpg

The first thing someone who understands cars of the 1920's would surely notice is that there is no crank in the front. The hand crank was the original way drivers started their engines. The Model T had it, up to the vehicles retirement from production a full three years after this beauty hit the roads, and yet this car starts with the simple turn of a key in the electric ignition. That's because Cadillac actually developed the key start.  They introduced it way back in 1912, and the competition still hadn't embraced it. They also introduced the first mass-produced V-8 engine. 1924 was the first year for a new interpretation of the V-8 that would prove so effective that they never really improved on it again. Modern eight-cylinder engines look quite similar to this one, just now concealed behind digital technology. The car comfortably fit seven, but we're confident more people could squeeze in there if you really wanted to fit them. Until then, happy travels!