Rod Steward

QUESTION:  Rod Stewart has had eight children with five different women, although he's only been married three times.  Who was not one of his three wives?
A)  Alana Hamilton
B)  Britt Ekland
C)  Rachel Hunter
D)  Penny Lancaster

Rod Stewart has certainly been making music for a long time.  The English-born musician dropped out of high school in 1960, when he was only fifteen. He wanted to be a footballer (American soccer player) and would not take no for an answer. That is, until he was told no by the local teams. So he got into music, and made it a lifetime career.  In fact, he is in his sixth decade as a musician and is considered one of the biggest-selling artists of all time.  Between his tenure with the Jeff Beck Group initially in the 1960's, the Faces in the early '70's, and as a solo artist, Rod Stewart has sold over one hundred million records worldwide.  

For a crazy twist, today's blog is dedicated to a single song, not a whole album.  "Ain't Love A B**ch" was, of course, released on an album - 1978's Blondes Have More Fun - and it was something of a hit, reaching #22 on the American charts.  The most famous song on the album, indeed on of Stewart's most famous songs of all time, was "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" which reached the number one slot in England, the United States, Canada, Portugal, and Australia. And Stewart co-wrote both songs, as well as the majority of the other songs he's recorded. Critically, "Ain't Love A B**ch" was not universally loved, and the argument was made that it's commercial success occurred solely because its release occurred directly after that of "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" but, bottom line, it doesn't matter.  Music is good if the listener likes it.  You can quote us on that, and you can see the sleeve for this record here at the American Treasure Tour, displayed in our Music Room.

ANSWER:  B)  Britt Ekland.  Rod and Britt did not actually have any children together, though. The two women he never married with whom he had children are Susannah Boffey (an art student at the time, they gave their daughter up for adoption) and the model Kelly Emberg.