Rough Cutt

QUESTION:  For which Quiet Riot album did Paul Shortino, lead singer of Rough Cutt, also record vocals?
B)  QR (1979)
C)  QR (1988)

Hanging on the Record Wall in the ATT Music Room, alongside such luminaries as Merle Haggard, Crystal Gayle and Kris Kristofferson is an album by the band Rough Cutt.  Never heard of them? They only recorded two studio albums in the 1980's, including 1986's Wants You!, their sophomore effort two years after their eponymous original album. The heavy metal/hard rock band was managed by Wendy Dio, the wife of famed guitarist Ronnie James Dio.  Unfortunately, she did not help them achieve the greatness they wanted.  Founded in 1982, they disbanded in 1987 (not counting a few later efforts to reunite). Arguably more notable than Rough Cutt itself was where many of the band members would play later - with Dio, Quiet Riot, and Ozzy Osbourne.  

Wants You! was released in 1986 to minimal fanfare.  None of its ten tracks reached the top of any of the charts, and the most notable note about it is that it was produced by the highly accomplished Jack Douglass, better known for his collaborations with Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, and John Lennon.  Of course, another notable notable is that it has received the highest honor any band could ever wish for: placement on the Record Wall here at the American Treasure Tour!

ANSWER:  C)  QR (1988)