QUESTION:  What arachnid did the German band Scorpion name themselves after?
A)  Spiders
B)  Ticks
C)  Mites
D)  Scorpions

1965 was a big year for music.  Some of the bands that formed that year have proven somewhat iconic: The Turtles, Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead and The Guess Who, and The Doors are a small sampling of some of the bands that would be heard for decades after. But one band that continues record and perform is The Scorpions.  Formed in Hanover, Germany by rhythm guitarist (and sole original member) Rudolf Schenker, with rotating members including consistent lead vocalist Klaus Meine and lead guitarist Matthias Jabs, the band has had its ups and downs over the years, including a few line-up changes and poorly received records. The band also showed their musical range, playing psychedelic rock, hard rock sometimes, and heavy metal other times. In short, this band may not be recommended listening for families with small children.

Their album Virgin Killer was released in 1976 (the same year as Shaun Cassidy's Shaun Cassidy and Brick's Good High, all targeting exceptionally different audiences), and came with highly controversial cover art that was banned in a number of countries. The version depicted here is the alternative cover, with the band posing for the camera. The music received nominal attention in the United States, and did quite poorly; however, it proved quite popular in Japan. Notably, on the title track, the 'virgin killer' referred to is time that is, as quoted by former lead guitarist Uli Jon Roth, "brutally trampling upon the heart and soul of innocence."  

ANSWER:  D)  Scorpions.  That was a silly question.