Shakespeare In Love - 11-8

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It has been a little while since we gave attention to one of the movie posters adorning the walls of the Music Room here at the American Treasure Tour blog, and so we decided it was time to talk Best Picture material.  In today's issue, we will be highlighting the poster for Shakespeare In Love , regarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as the best movie to be released during the year 1998.  Not only did the film get the Best Picture Oscar, it also received six others, including Best Actress for Gwyneth Paltrow and Best Supporting Actress for Judi Dench.

Nice though it was to have a pleasant romantic drama win the Best Picture in 1998, some critics questioned whether it was truly the most deserving film to win the award that year? 


Which nominee for best picture in 1998 truly should have won the award? 

a)  Shakespeare in Love

b)  Elizabeth

c)  Life Is Beautiful

d)  Saving Private Ryan

e)  The Thin Red Line

Answer Below. 


November 8, 1889 should be celebrated by every man, woman and child who loves the State of Montana, since that is the day it became the 41st state in the union, proclaimed such by President Benjamin Harrison.  It is the fourth-largest state behind Alaska, Texas and California, and boasts one of the most spectacular of the branches of the National Park Service - Glacier National Park.  Montana is an exceptional place to visit and, if you like the cold, a great site at which to spend your winter!  

JFK - Nixon.jpg

John Kennedy became the 35th President of the United States on this date in 1960, in what turned out to be one of the - if not the - closest election in 20th-century American politics.  Richard Nixon had been vice president under Dwight Eisenhower and, due to his prominence, seemed a natural for the presidency; however, whether it was because of Kennedy's charisma and experience, of if there was truth behind the allegations of corrupt political bargains, Kennedy won.  Only three years later, his presidency would be cut short by tragedy, but maybe the blog will talk about that on the 22nd.  You will have to come back to see... 


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Bonnie Raitt is truly an accomplished musician.  Turning 64 today, she has ranked as number fifty on Rolling Stone  magazine's list of the top one hundred singers of all time.  Raitt has released fourteen albums in a career spanning five decades.  She released her first album in 1971, and is still going strong, having released Slipstream  last year.  A winner of ten Grammy Awards, Raitt's music could be described as blues, jazz, country, or maybe a little of all of them....


Sometimes I'm more true when I'm up onstage than I'm able to be in my regular life.  It's not as exciting to be at home, but I've got to learn how to make that work, and then I will be an ordinary woman. -- Bonnie Raitt

Answer:  a)  Shakespeare in Love.  Otherwise, it would never have won.  Silly question.