Shaquille O'Neal - January 28, 2014

"Faces on the Tour" continues with a tall man.  To be sure, the 7 feet, 1 inch Shaquille O'Neal is tall by anyone's standards (except, I suppose, Robert Wadlow's were he alive today, since he lived to stand 9 feet 11-3/4 inches tall).  He is also a big man - at 325 pounds, he is considered one of the largest men to ever play basketball for the NBA. Fortunately for Shaq, his size worked in his favor.  Between 1992 and 2011, playing for six different teams, Shaquille O'Neal earned countless awards for his skills, from the 1993 Rookie of the Year to being an NBA All-Star fifteen separate times.

O'Neal is now retired from the court; however, he is still very much in the picture.  He is currently an analyst for Turner Network Television (TNT), and has four rap albums under his belt, including the platinum-selling Shaq Diesel. He has also been seen in films, most notably the 1996 family comedy Kazaam.  Keep doing what you're doing, Mr. O'Neal! 


Which of the following basketball teams did Shaquille O'Neal NOT play on?

a)  Boston Celtics

b)  Chicago Bulls

c)  Los Angeles Lakers

d)  Phoenix Suns

e)  Cleveland Cavaliers

Answer Below.


The first issue of the independent Yale Daily News newspaper was printed on this day in 1878 with the tagline:  "The innovation by which we begin by this morning's issue is justified by the dullness of the times, and the demand for news among us."  Maybe not the most enthusiastic claim, but it has provided the campus of prestigious Yale University with daily news for more years than has any other newspaper printed in the name of a college in the United States.  They continue to this day, providing students with information about their campus, their community, and the world around them.

The now all-but-forgotten CBS television variety program Stage Show, normally hosted by one of the Dorsey Brothers (Tommy or Jimmy), is long gone from the air, but it holds a special record that can never be beaten.  On this day in 1956 with temporary host disc jockey Bill Randle, the television debut of a twenty-one year old singer happened:  Elvis Presley was introduced to tv-watching America.  He would not rocket to super-stardom because of his appearance that night, but it was a big day for him and the youth of the country.  He was definitely on the ascent!


Ernst Lubitsch was born in Berlin, Germany in 1892.  Taken to performing early in life, he was as active in front of the camera as behind it in German silent films before and during World War 1.  He left his homeland for Hollywood at the age of thirty, never returning to Germany and forever remaining safely behind the camera.  Recognized as the most important creator of the movie musical genre, Lubitsch proved a very influential director, with an impressive resume under his belt by the time of his passing in 1947.  His credits include: The Love Parade (1929),  Trouble In Paradise (1932), Ninotchka (1939), and Heaven Can Wait (1943) (The Don Ameche Heaven Can Wait, not the Warren Beatty one.).  Lubitsch would earn a special Academy Award for his "25-year contribution to motion pictures" shortly before his death.

Lubitsch shares his birthday with another film director, Jack Hill.  Born in 1933, Hill's resume starkly contrasts that of Lubitsch.  While Lubitsch was the creator of many beautiful films, Hill's films can be considered quite ... controversial.  His resume includes a substantial number of exploitation films, although Hill should also be accredited with creating a number of strong female characters in such films as:  The Big Doll House (1972), Coffy (1973), and Foxy Brown (1974).


Everything happens for a reason.  I'm used to it.  I prepare for it.  Like I say, at the end of the day, those in charge of their own destiny are going to do what's right for them and their family.  - Shaquille O'Neill.

Answer:  b)  Chicago Bulls.  Shaq spent the first four years of his illustrious career with the Orlando Magic