Shaun Cassidy

QUESTION:  Cassidy had a famous half-brother named David, most famous for his starring role in The Partridge Family with Shaun's mom Shirley Jones.  What was his father's name?
A)  Patrick Cassidy
B)  Ryan Cassidy
C)  Jack Cassidy
D)  Ted Cassidy

The American Treasure Tour blog turns again to the vinyl record albums displayed along one wall in the Music Room.  It is with a certain amount of pleasure that we recognize the debut album of teen-dream Shaun Cassidy.  Between 1976 and 1979, it seemed like Cassidy was unstoppable.  Oh sure, his older half-brother David had starred with his mom on the popular if uninspired musical sit-com The Partridge Family from 1970 through 1974, but it was Shaun's time to shine later that decade, which he did both in the popular television mystery anthology The Hardy Boys Mysteries and with his own successful singing career.  His first album, simply named Shaun Cassidy reached the impressive number three slot on the charts, with the remake "Da Doo Ron Ron" hitting number one.

The album features ten tracks, nine of them written by some of the brightest stars of the 1960's and '70's including the controversial (in his private life, anyway) Phil Specter, Tupper Saussy (also pretty controversial, really, just not indicted for murder), Eric Carmen, and Carole King. There is one song on the album, though, called "Holiday."  It's track seven. And it was written by an eighteen year old born in in 1958 named Shaun Cassidy.  He was still in high school when he recorded the album. It charted in Australia and Europe in 1976, the year before its American release.  Alas, Shaun's musical star was not set to continue rising and, by 1980, people stopped buying his records. He retired from music in 1980, giving up acting about a decade later. Now, he is best known behind the camera, as producer of such television shows as the 1995 cult favorite American Gothic and more recently, the 2014 Amazon program Hysteria.

ANSWER:  C)  Jack Cassidy.  Patrick and Ryan are his younger brothers. Ted was the actor who portrayed Lurch in the televised The Addams' Family and no relation (that we know of).