Simpsons - 10-3

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 Fall is a time for many celebrations - Halloween, the changing colors of the leaves, and most importantly, the new season of television.  One program, beginning its 25th season this week, is The Simpsons.  For a quarter of a century, this occasionally controversial cartoon has been a staple of the Fox Network's line-up;  however, in 2007, they reached the big screen with their imaginatively-named film The Simpsons Movie.  "Life-sized" plastic figures of the Simpson family adorned many theater lobbies, which served to tantalize old and new fans prior to its release.  The American Treasure Tour's Toy Box is host to one such collection of the family members (sans the living room backdrop).  Located in the room with the dual Wurlitzer 165s, the prop serves as a reminder that the American Treasure Tour collection spans multiple centuries!


Ned Flanders, the Simpsons' neighbor, runs what business in the local mall?

A)  Guns 'n Fun

B)  Babies "R" Loud

C)  Victrolas and Photoplayers

D)  Leftorium

E)  Matzos

Answer Below

Today in History:

On this day in 1901, the Victor Talking Machine Company was incorporated, its headquarters in the then-prosperous city of Camden, New Jersey.  Victor led the country in the production of both phonographs and the records played on them.  Developed during the infancy of the electrical age, early Victor phonographs required winding to be able to listen to music.  Only later were they electrified.  Twenty years after the inception of the company, Victor adopted the painting "His Master's Voice" as its logo, which presented the terrier Nipper looking at the phonograph quizzically, as though trying to determine the source of its sound.


In 1929, the Victor Talking Machine Company merged with the Radio Corporation of America to become RCA-Victor, now more familiarly recognized simply as RCA.

1964.  Buffalo, New York.  Arguably the most important event in the last fifty years occurred in the Anchor Bar:  the invention of the buffalo wing.  Although mystery shrouds the original inspiration for the invention of these irresistible, if unhealthy, snacks, tradition serves that the Anchor Bar owners, Teressa and Frank Bellissimo were celebrating the birth of their son at their restaurant.  The need for quick food compelled Teressa to throw some (normally discarded) chicken wings in the deep fryer, put some hot sauce on it, and accidentally created a snack treat that has pleased millions of people worldwide.


Leo McCarey, born in 1898, was an American director whose best-known work included the Marx Brothers' Duck Soup and Harold Lloyd's The Milky Way.  A highly accomplished creator of farce comedies, he won his first directing Academy Award for the film The Awful Truth starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne from 1937.  His second Oscar was for the 1944 film Going My Way, in which he reflected his conservative inclinations and his Roman Catholic background by telling the story of a young priest taking control of a parish from an experienced leader of the church.  Bing Crosby starred as Father "Chuck" O'Malley in what would win the Best Picture for the year.

Gore Vidal.jpg

Today would have been Gore Vidal's 88th birthday, but for his passing last year.  Vidal was a man of many talents, including that of screenwriter, novelist, essayist and aspiring politician.  He is probably most famous for his interpretations of the lives of important Americans, including Burr and Lincoln.  


Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn. - Gore Vidal

Answer:  D)