"South Pacific"

QUESTION:  Mary Martin played the roll of Nellie Forbush in the original 1949 Broadway presentation of South Pacific. Who played her character in the 1958 film?
A)  Mitzi Gaynor
B)  Mary Martin
C)  Marlene Dietrich
D)  Ava Gardner

Vinyl records are coming back in style. It is very exciting, especially considering how many of them adorn the walls of the American Treasure Tour. We are only too pleased to acknowledge some of the albums we have on display. In today's blog, we recognize South Pacific, a play written for Broadway in 1949 that continues to remain popular in revivals and smaller theaters around the world. The lyrics and dialogue were written by Oscar Hammerstein II, the music composed by Richard Rodgers, two of America's best known and beloved musicians, with the intention to address the volatile subject of racism. Taking stories out of James Michener's 1947 book Tales of the South Pacific, they created a World War II drama that revolved around overcoming bigotry and ignorance with love and acceptance, themes that remain relevant decades after its initial release.

The play became hugely successful, both critically and popularly. Of course, it helped that the somewhat serious message of the show was balanced with music so good and memorable that much of it is still familiar, including "Bali Hai'i," "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair," "Some Enchanted Evening," and "There Is Nothing Like a Dame."  The play went on to win ten Tony Awards. While not the most any play has ever won, South Pacific does have the distinction of being the only show (yet) to win in all four acting categories.  It remained on Broadway for almost two thousand performances and became a movie in 1958.  The film proved in many ways more popular than the play, earning almost $37 million (it cost $5.6 million to produce), with one of the most popular soundtracks of the era, remaining in the number one slot on the United States billboard charts for an astounding seven months.  

ANSWER:  A) Mitzi Gaynor