Sportsters - Monday, February 15, 2016

QUESTION:  Which of the following cities does not have a restaurant called Sportsters?
A)  Crystal River, Florida
B)  Edinburgh, Scotland
C)  Monroeville, Pennsylvania
D)  Newell, Iowa
The American Treasure Tour has lots of cool stuff in our collection, as anyone who's visited us is only too aware.  We can safely say that anyone would love to go home with some of the pieces here that are being saved for the future.  A person's age and interests may help in determining what they would pick: the 1954 Corvette and the talking Dora the Explorer doll come to mind as two fun collectibles for different generations (you know who you are).  But then there are also pieces "normal" collectors may have a little more difficulty appreciating.

The sign directing prospective diners to the Sportsters Market Take Out might be considered one of these latter items.  Sportsters was a bar and grill located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania (at 1701 Pottstown Pike, to be exact).  They closed right around four years ago and, to be honest, the reviews written by people on the Yelp website were, generally speaking, not exactly glowing.  The last review we found was written on March 7th, by Barbara A., who was VERY upset that she was not permitted to take home uneaten ribs.  Prior to that, Cliff J. criticized the food as inedible.  You get the idea.  Overall, though, the wait staff was very nice, so veteran employees of Sportsters can take heart at that.  It's just sad.  Of course, having never eaten there, we are not in a position  to judge either way.  To own a restaurant is hard work.  Sportsters Pottstown, R.I.P.
ANSWER:  C)  Monroeville, Pennsylvania.  Some locals might argue there are too many zombies in Monroeville to build a strong clientele!