Stingray - Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It may be fair to say that concept cars are some of the rarest out there - prototypes or show cars designed to introduce revolutionary new technology, style or looks in vehicles that may prove highly influential in the future.  One such concept car that has remained in the American conscience since its introduction in 1957 is the Corvette Stingray - such that even a neon sign was produced to honor it!  

We have talked about the legendary Corvette before - the prototype was created in 1952, the first series of 300 vehicles distributed the next year, and 1954 was the first year it was sold to the general public.  Tweaking on the now-classic design began almost immediately, with the Stingray the result of incorporating elements of the SS and Q-Corvette efforts that never fully materialized.  Yes, there was a lot of code talk in that last sentence.  We're moving on, I promise. The second Stingray (considered the First Generation Stingray) was introduced in 1963 and was in production for four years.  The Second Generation extended from '69 through '76. Just last year, another generation of Stingrays was introduced to the world.  Keep on keeping on, Stingray!

QUESTION:  Which of the following sea creatures is the sting ray closely related to?
A)  Dolphin
B)  Shark
                                              C)  Angel Fish
                                              D)  Swordfish

GO, CASEY, GO!  Published for its first time ever, today in 1888, Casey at the Bat was first printed in the San Francisco Examiner:
The outlook wasn't brilliant for the                             Mudville Nine that day;
            The score stood four to two, with but                       one inning more to play,
            And then when Cooney died at first,                           and Barrows did the same,
            A sickly silence fell upon the patrons                         of the game.
This classic poem was written by Ernest Thayer, although it was originally published anonymously, and has become one of the best-recognized poems written in the United States. It has been adapted into cartoons and movies, and continues to entertain to this day.

GONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!  Turning 86 today, Chuck Barris is still going strong.  This Philadelphia boy done good started at the bottom in television, as a page at NBC in New York, and proceeded to prove himself.  In 1965, he started his own company and proceeded to develop highly popular game shows, notably The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game, and the one he hosted himself, The Gong Show.  The Gong Show aired in syndication from 1976 into 1980 and beyond.  Something of a precursor to the performance shows of today like America's Got TalentThe Gong Show allowed both the talented and the acutely un-talented to share a stage.  When you were really bad, the gong rang and sent you packing.  Barris' programs proved highly controversial, and both extreme conservatives and liberals complained loudly enough that most of them were taken off the air.  But Barris endures.  Keep on trucking!

QUOTE:  Fifty percent of something is better than one hundred percent of nothing. - Chuck Barris

ANSWER:  B)  Shark.  That's because both of them are cartilaginous fish