Stones - 10-30

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Happy October 30th!  We here at the American Treasure Tour blog are happy to return to your "In" bins, and we have chosen the most logical way to celebrate this reunion:  we are going to talk about one of the most famous English bands to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean.  The Rolling Stones formed in London, 1962, one of the first rock bands from England to reach American shores.  December's Children (And Everybody's)  was the fifth studio album they released in the United States.  Its release occurred towards the end of 1965, and included songs from a variety of their British releases to date, and the song now considered classic "Get Off of My Cloud."  Considered the "anti-Beatles" by many, the Rolling Stones were often perceived as symbols of the counter-culture in the 1960s.  Over fifty years since the creation of the band, the Rolling Stones continue to play live concerts to this day, while copies of their record albums adorn the walls of the American Treasure Tour's Music Room.


To commemorate their fiftieth anniversary last year, the Rolling Stones released a compilation album of their greatest hits in a 40-track version, a 50-track version and an 80-track version.  What was this album called?

a)  A Bigger Bang

b)  Grrr

c)  Beggar's Banquet

d)  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

e)  Jumpin' Jack Flash

Answer Below. 


The mining camp of "Last Chance,"  in Montana had been established in July by a group of gold prospectors a few months before, but it was on this date in 1864 when a committee was organized to give it a more distinguished name and to create a more permanent foundation for a town.  Suggested names included "Squashtown" and "Pumpkinville," in honor of Halloween, which would be occurring the next day, but the final vote selected the name "Helena" for what would become the capitol of the state of Montana.  Of course, the easterners who moved to the area in part to avoid the raging Civil War disagreed on the inspiration for the name:  was it the town in Arkansas that was next to the Mississippi River, or a township in Minnesota?  

On the eve of Halloween, 1938, future film auteur Orson Welles made the news when he broadcast a radio performance of H.G. Wells' science fiction story The War of the Worlds.   Some listeners mistakenly believed the story to be real and panicked, although accounts of the intensity of the reaction may have been overblown even at the time of the event.  Regardless, it made Welles a celebrity, and led to the ascendancy of his star in Hollywood.


Henry Winkler turns 68 years old today.  Born in Manhattan, New York to Jewish parents who escaped Germany during the Nazi years, WInkler began acting in television commercials and sitcoms in his late-20s, landing the role of Fonzy on Happy Days  in 1974.  He starred as the iconic figure for a decade, before establishing his own production company and working behind the scenes on programs including MacGyver  and Hollywood Squares, occasionally making appearances in film and tv.  Since then,    

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he has appeared in the popular cult television show Arrested Development  and has written some children's books that address dyslexia, the reading disability he was diagnosed with when he was thirty-one years old.


Your mind knows only some things.  Your inner voice, your instinct, knows everything.  If you listen to what you know instinctively, it will always lead you down the right path.  Henry Winkler

Answer:  b) Grrr