Sweetheart Soap - Thursday, July 2, 2015

There can be no doubt that the American Treasure Tour has on display some pretty amazing pieces.  Some are connected to extremely familiar characters - like tomorrow's blog subject Pinocchio - and others are pretty unusual, like this one.  Today, we are going to talk about an odd little baby that has brought more smiles to our visitors than any of the other animations we have on display.  The baby I mention is lying in a cradle, smiling and swinging its tiny arms and legs. The inspiration for the smile can only be because the little one is happy it has had a thorough cleaning thanks to Sweetheart Soap.

The Manhattan Soap Company was established in 1890, its offices located at 426 West 38th Street.  Sweetheart was the name of their 'toilet soap' line.  There were actually few producers of soap up to the 19th century, as most soaps were homemade, incorporating fats that were saved after animal slaughter.  The first and most significant of the companies that did produce soap was Colgate.  Manhattan was the competition, and it did very well before the Purex detergent company bought them out in 1956.  But before that, the happy baby was a great marketing tool for Manhattan.  Now, it is definitely an eye-catching member of our animation collection!
QUESTION:  What is the largest American company associated with cleaning products today?
A)  Ivory Soap
B)  Proctor & Gamble
C)  Nestle
D)  Coca-Cola

DON'T DO IT, GUITEAU!  America had a new president as of March 4th, 1881, and President James Garfield promised many great things for his country; however, none of his ambitions were realized because of the actions of an emotionally unstable assassin.  Charles Guiteau felt Garfield had not followed through on implied promises to give him a cushy job as ambassador to France.  Surely, thought Guiteau, that Chester Arthur would give him that job on Garfield's death.  So Guiteau shot Garfield on this day in '81.  The wounds may not have killed him directly, but the constant probing of doctors looking for the bullets definitely did prove fatal to Garfield, president for only six months.  And no, Arthur did not give Guiteau the job in France.

FREAKY FRIDAY!  Turning only 29 today, Lindsay Lohan has been in the tabloids more often that most celebrities.  In fact, it might seem that her acting career has taken the back seat to her celebrity notoriety.  Her aspirations were to be a recognized actor, singer and dancer on par with Ann-Margret or Marilyn Monroe, but addiction, rehab, and addiction again has been the stuff of her reputation of late.  But Ms Lohan is still young, so we can all hope that her career will take front row again.  29 is a great age to start over again, Lindsay!

QUOTE:  My motto is:  live every day to the fullest, in moderation. - Lindsay Lohan

ANSWER:  B)  Proctor & Gamble, which primarily markets cleaning products.  The largest company in the world dedicated to the marketing of food products is Nestle.