Sword Swallowers - The Return

QUESTION:  Can a person with no expert training swallow swords?
A). No
B). Absolutely not
C). Never never never
D). Sure, why not?

The American Treasure Tour honors the fame and notoriety of the Circus Sideshow - it was where people would go in the days of old to see displays of all sorts of unusual creatures such as the Feejee Mermaid - some completely invented, others tragic abnormalities.  Then there were the live performances by men and women, living people who either had physical characteristics that made them unlike everyone else or did highly unusual stunts. Sword swallowing is one of the latter, and certainly one of the more dangerous feats a sideshow performer could do. Sure, they make it look easy, but one mistake could mean the puncture of an internal organ.

There are currently very few schools in the United States where an aspiring sword swallower could learn the trade. Most notable is the Coney Island USA Sideshow School and Burlesque Master Class, located in New York City's favorite beach front amusement center. Although their schedule is a little light during the winter months, they do offer events prior to the beginning of the season. But pay attention, because you can become one of the greats through their lessons!  


ANSWER:  If you selected either A), B), or C) as your answer, you were right.  If you selected D), then please refer to A), B), or C).