1945 Dodge Pick-Up

Full Throttle Thursday

1945 Dodge.jpg

The American Treasure Tour is, among other things, all about classic cars.  We love cars, trucks, motorcycles, pretty much anything that goes "vroom"!  Today, we would like to call out one of our favorite trucks in the collection:  a 1945 Dodge Pick-up.  Think about the year:  1945.  Tough year.  World War II would not end until September, with the signing of the peace treaty between the United States and Japan. Prior to then, all production was focused on the war effort.  Transportation technology improved substantially during the war; however, since there was no such thing as civilian vehicle production between 1942 and 1945 to speak of, it did not get reflected in the industry until often years after the war ended.  This Dodge was designed based on 1939 blueprints, so, while it is a rare example of a 1945 vehicle, there is nothing truly original about it.  That wouldn't happen until automotive engineers had a chance to truly concentrate on peacetime technology.

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