American Army

Albert Sidney Johnston

QUESTION:  Name a Confederate General during the Civil War who shared a name with Albert Sidney Johnston.
A)  Albert Gallatin
B)  Reice Sidney
C)  Joseph Johnston
D)  Sidney Albert Johnston

The American Treasure Tour is chock full of fun, with our amazing collections of circus memorabilia, automatic music, and other cool stuff.  We keep the tour lighthearted for our guests, who enjoy music and stories about the men and women who have improved life for all of us. There are also a few pieces on display that tell a different part of American history. Next to our collection of watercolors dedicated to a timeline of Broadway are copies of lithographs honoring Americans of old.  One lithograph honors a soldier who never left what is the United States today, but managed to fight in the capacity of a General for three separate armies.  His name was Albert Sidney Johnson.

Johnson was a Kentucky native born in 1803 who considered Texas his home. He attended the United States Military Academy in West Point with his friend Jefferson Davis. Graduating in 1826, Johnston moved around the country to different forts prior to resigning his commission to care for his ailing wife. After she died in 1836, he signed on with the Texas Army. Once Texas gained independence from Mexico, he served the new republic as Secretary of War for two years. Later, he returned to the United States Army and fought under Zachary Taylor during America's war with Mexico. That was in 1846.  He then stayed with the U.S. Army until 1861, resigning his position when his native Texas seceded from the Union.  He headed up a Confederate Army in the Western Theater, which is where Johnston's career would unexpectedly end. When he was killed at the Battle of Shiloh on April 6, 1862, he would hold the distinction of being the highest-ranked officer killed during the entire war. Jefferson Davis was devastated by the loss, and came to the belief that the loss of Johnston represented the beginning of the end for the Confederacy.

Okay, maybe the story of Johnston may not be the happiest you will learn here on the American Treasure Tour blog, but it is an important element of American history.

ANSWER:  C)  Joseph Johnston.  They were not related.