Arnold Schwarzenegger

Planet Hollywood

QUESTION:  Where is the headquarters for the famous restaurant chain Planet Hollywood located?
A)  Hollywood
B)  New York City
C)  Orlando
D)  Los Angeles

A little-known retired actor named Bryan Kestner can take credit for developing the idea for Planet Hollywood in 1991; however, it never would have become a reality if not for the famous men and women whose investments into the restaurant chain had not made it real. You've heard the names before:  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, and Willis' wife at the time Demi Moore were the big names behind it.  The idea was simple: take the model created by Hard Rock Cafe of decorating the walls of each restaurant with memorabilia with movie props and photographs, instead of items connected to the music industry. A former CEO of Hard Rock took the reins of the new enterprise, and managed to win a lawsuit made by Hard Rock against them, before opening sites across the country and the world. In a short five years, over one hundred Planet Hollywoods opened.  They even opened sports-themed restaurants called Official All Star Cafe.

And then they started closing them.  Planet Hollywood has declared bankruptcy twice, and virtually every one of their sites has closed.  The last of the Official All Star Cafe's was located in Disney's Wide World of Sports.  That closed in 2007.  Now, there are only nine Planet Hollywood locations left, in Disneyland Paris, Las Vegas, London, New York, Niagara Falls, Orlando, Las Vegas and, of course, Goa.  Planet Hollywood Atlanta, honored on our matchbook wall, is no more.  

ANSWER:  C)  Orlando