Automatic Music Machines

Tunes on Tuesday

Sadie Mae.jpg

Music abounds here at the American Treasure Tour.  We not only display hundreds of nickelodeons and band organs, but positively thousands of records, 8-tracks, and sheet music. Don't believe us?  Come on out and count them and prove us wrong!  (We do need to warn you, though, that we cannot allow our guests to have sleepovers here, so you'll have to count fast!) Not only do we display all these wonderful memories, but we also play music.

The paper rolls that are read by our nickelodeons and band organs provide wonderful complements to the machines - they are celebrations of music. Ragtime and jazz (not always easy to differentiate from one another), patriotic music, and yes, we have some quality show tunes playing on our Coinola machine in the Music Room.  Check out some old footage of Sadie Mae - one of our favorite and most famous pieces here at the Treasure Tour!