Full-Throttle Thursday

Chevy 38 Apache 2.jpg

We're taking the bull by the horns today and getting ourselves behind a real vehicle, a tough vehicle - the kind of truck you definitely want to make sure you give space as it's coming down the highway.  It's the Chevy 38 Apache, and this truck is all about business.  The business of power. The 38 Apache was part of General Motors' Chevrolet Task Force series, which was part of their Advanced Design series, which was in production from 1955 through 1959.  Smooth, rounded sheet metal replaced the old pontoon-style fenders, and large wrap-around windshields offered greater visibility for the driver.  It used the 8-cylinder Trademaster engine, which was one of the most powerful that Chevy offered, and boasted 160 horsepower.  

Chevy 38 Apache 1.jpg

The Apache was new to 1958, the year of the truck we have displayed here, and signified it was for light-duty use. It included a painted grille and front bumper, which could all be upgraded to chrome.  Driving the Apache meant you were in business, and were not to be messed with. Ours is a refrigerator truck used to transport meat in and around the community of Hereford, Pennsylvania.  If you are from the region, and remember A.G. Kriebel, Butcher, we would love to hear your stories!