Civilian Production

Full Throttle Thursday

1957 Chevrolet 3800.jpg

Today's call out vehicle is the Chevrolet 3800, the largest of their "light duty line" delivery and pick-up trucks. The sheer size of this vehicle makes the idea of calling it "light duty" a bit unlikely, but who are we to judge the good people at General Motors for doing what they do? This impressive vehicle was engineered so that it could carry one ton of material without a problem, and were issued in designations from 3100 to 3800.

When the United States got involved in World War II, the government forbade most industries from civilian production. For four years, GM and all the car companies at the time, concentrated their effort on fighting the war with no concern for what would happen after peace was accomplished. The transition back to civilian life after the war ended in 1945 was rockier than anyone might have anticipated, with such companies as Ford teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. It was not until 1947 that Chevy introduced this truck, their first new design for peacetime purposes after the fight. It was popular enough to remain in production until 1955, with operators able to specifically request different specialty bodies for their specific needs.