Holiday Inn

Grand Cayman

QUESTION:  What popular attraction in Grand Cayman has drawn people to its own Post Office?
A)  The Stingray Encounter
B)  Hell
C)  Untaxed International Banking
D)  Rum Point

The founding of Holiday Inn in Memphis, Tennessee was discussed in yesterday's blog. Today, our phillumeny collection takes us on a journey to a specific Holiday Inn located on Crighton Drive in Grand Cayman. The authors of the blog at the American Treasure Tour have been petitioning our Director to send us there to be able to actually review the hotel itself, but so far our requests have fallen on deaf ears. So instead, we will talk a little bit about the island itself. 

Three separate islands encompass the Cayman Islands, with Grand Cayman being the largest, as well as the location of their capital city, George Town. Located just south of Cuba, the first Europeans to see them was a guy named Christopher Columbus during his fourth and final voyage to the New World, in 1503.  Although he initially named the islands Los Tortugas after the large sea turtles he saw in the region, they took on the name Cayman after the tiny alligators.  It would be one hundred and fifty years after their discovery before humans began inhabiting the islands - pirates, refuges from the Spanish Inquisition, shipwrecked sailors and escaped slaves all found a home there. They became a dominion of the British Crown in 1670, and have remained so ever since. Now, their fame as a tropical paradise and as a hub of international finance and banking has brought both tourists and business people to the islands. We strongly suspect many of both have found a nice refuge during their visits at the Holiday Inn Resort.

ANSWER:  B)  Hell

Holiday Inn

QUESTION:  Not only is Holiday Inn the name of a globally-famous hotel chain, but it is also a popular film starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire.  In what year was the film released?
A)  1932
B)  1940
C)  1942
D)  1950

As the American Treasure Tour blog continues to explore our phillumeny collection - better known as our matchbooks - we have discovered a destination perfect for the current season: Grand Cayman.  Notably, the Holiday Inn located in Grand Cayman. So today, we would like to examine the birth of one of the best known and most popular hotel chains in the world: Holiday Inn. It all began in the mind of a man named Kemmons Wilson. Born in Arkansas in 1913, Wilson's father died before his first birthday. His mother moved him to Memphis, Tennessee, and that's where he lived for the remainder of his life - ninety years. He did travel, of course. And he found great inconsistencies in the places where he and his own family stayed as they drove cross country. He developed something of a fear of motels, and decided he would start his own that guaranteed quality accommodations. The first Holiday Inn was built in Memphis in 1952, and jokingly named after the popular Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire movie.

Wilson partnered with a man named Wallace Johnson to develop more motels, building their first headquarters out of a modified plumbing shed, and spreading their motels across the country. Within seven years, there were fifty motels dotting the landscape. By 1972 - only twenty years after Wilson built his first Holiday Inn - there were 1,400 motels scattered across the world. There are currently just around 2,700 Holiday Inns of different shapes, sizes and designs available in which to find lodging internationally.

ANSWER:  C)  1942