Ian Hunter

Film on Friday

The American Treasure Tour LOVES movies, and we prove that by displaying movie posters, celebrity headshots, and throwing music quotes around whenever the situation comes up. One of the less famous films honored here in our Toy Box is called Strange Cargo, starring Clark Gable and Joan Crawford. This 1940 film was the eighth - and final - collaboration between these two iconic stars, and it was all about criminals.  Clark Gable played Andre Verne, a criminal sentenced to serve his time on Devil's Island, the infamous penal colony in French Guyana, South America. There, he met Julie, a singer in a town nearby.  Crawford's character. 

Strange Cargo.jpg

The film is a classic melodrama, which suggests that everything is about emotions and playing on heartstrings. Julie helps Andre, but Andre gets caught up in a prison escape led by Ian Hunter's Cambreau, a Christ-like figure (trust us, there's no subtlety in that comparison) whose spirituality is a driving force in the action.  We won't tell you how things wind up, because we firmly believe that spoilers take the fun out of movies, but we will say you need to watch this movie.  But then, we would pretty much say that about every movie ever made, so take that for what it's worth.