Full Throttle Thursdays

The Toy Box here at the American Treasure Tour is full of amazing preserved classic automobiles. (And yes, we fully realize that our use of the word "amazing" makes it clear that we are quite biased.)  Many of our cars have information available on placards, and the. ones that do have links via QR Codes to even MORE information. We know, we're just THAT amazing ourselves!  (Is that biased, too?). So, come check out our cars, and then immerse yourself into their stories!

Commodore Hudson.jpg

We don't want to tease, but yes we do.  Here's a snippet of what we included in the QR Coded information about our 1948 Hudson Commodore:  "The Commodore was produced by Hudson between 1941 and 1952.  They were the largest and most luxurious line that Hudson produced. 1948 inaugurated the "Monobuilt" design, which Hudson called their ‘step-down‘ configuration.  The passenger compartment was created within the frame of the car, so you would step over the door frame and down into the car. It was the first design of its kind, making Commodores easier to get into than any other cars on the market at the time."

We know - pretty cool, right?  There's lots more interesting information available, too!