Reo Speed Wagon

"Follow My Heart" Part 3

QUESTION:  Which of the following vehicles was not a model produced by the Reo Motor Car Company?
A)  Flying Cloud
B)  Royal
C)  Victoria Eight
D)  Model M Touring

We've been talking about Ransom E Olds and the second automotive company he created - the Reo Motor Car Company.  Beginning in 1905, Ranse began producing cars in direct competition with the previous company he established, the Olds Motor Vehicle Company. While never surpassing the initial popularity of his Curved-Dash Runabout, Olds definitely did good with Reo. In 1907, Reo was considered one of the four most successful automobile manufacturers in the country.  Unfortunately, he was unable to keep up with the successes of the emerging General Motors and Ford Companies, both of which did extraordinarily well. By 1910, Reo got into the truck production business.  Ranse proved he could re-invent himself in the automotive industry, but had clashes with his investors again. Rather than fight, he appointed Richard Scott as general manager and focused on his real estate and other ventures. 

Meanwhile, Reo continued to innovate.  1915, the same year Olds bowed out of command of the company, Reo introduced the Speed Wagon.  It became a well-regarded truck, adaptable for numerous uses, it was a dump truck, fire truck, tow truck, hearse, ambulance, and pretty much whatever its purchaser wanted it to be.  The "Gold Crown" engine was admired for its reliability and power. Speed Wagons were produced until the early '50's.  While the trucks continue to be admired by afficionados, the words " Reo Speed Wagon" have become better known by a band that took them on.  We are, of course, referring to the 1970's and 1980's rock band Reo Speedwagon.

ANSWER:  B)  Royal.  Okay, this was a little tricky.  The actual name was Royale.