QUESTION:  David P. Bushnell was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, one of the Twin Cities.  What is the other one?
A). Duluth
B). Minneapolis
C). Milwaukee
D). Edmonton

Yesterday's blog talked to the development of the telescope and binoculars. For the sake of our blog, and to clear the air about something, telescope is another word for a monocular. It enables you to see at long distances with only one eye. No depth perception. Binoculars are two monoculars, which is why they are always referred to in the plural. They offer depth, which can help if you're trying to determine distances between objects. Of course, many animals see without depth and they do just fine, so who are we to judge? Anyway, we just wanted to clear the air about that before going into the true inspiration for today's story.

Today we celebrate the life of a man named David Pearsall Bushnell. Born in 1913, Bushnell pursued a degree in engineering from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), but never made it to graduation from there, opting to travel the world for a time instead. He did eventually receive a business degree from the University of Southern California, though, in 1936, and opened an import-export business. This gave him the opportunity to travel some more, and during his time in occupied Japan after World War II, he bought a pair of binoculars for himself. Then he bought a few hundred more and, before he knew it, he was in the binocular trade. Bushnell's optics company opened in 1948, selling binoculars, riflescopes, telescopes, and pretty much anything else that involved lenses. Newer additions to their line of products include night vision equipment, GPS devices and laser rangefinders. Bushnell is currently owned by Vista Outdoors, which specializes in 'outdoor sports.'

ANSWER:  Minneapolis.  Minneapolis got the short straw, though, because St. Paul is the capital city of Minnesota.  But Minneapolis has the Mary Tyler Moore statue!