Summer Loving

Tuesday's Tune

Summer Nights.jpg

The American Treasure Tour is chock full'a music, and we love to talk about it. So today, we're going to meticulously examine a song that became something of a phenomenon upon its release in 1978:  "Summer Nights."  It was the third of ultimately six songs from the Grease soundtrack that placed in the international charts, reaching the fifth spot in the American charts (the title song and "Your The One I Want" both making number one before its release). The song tells the story of the brief love affair of Danny Zuko, played and sung by John Travolta, and Sandy Olsson, played and sung by Olivia Newton-John. 

But enough rambling on.  Come on out to the Treasure Tour to see an actual, authentic vinyl copy of the album - and listen to the song right here on our blog. (Full disclosure, we truly hope that the primary reason you don't come to experience the American Treasure Tour is not so that you can see this record album.  But if that's what it takes, we'll work with you on that.)