Full Throttle Thursday

It's time again for the American Treasure Tour blog to delve into our automobile collection. Last week, we went modern (relatively speaking) with our 1956 Ford Fairlane.  THIS week, we're heading to the United States prior to World War II and the engineering improvements that occurred during the 1940's.


One company that few remember today that had a significant impact on the car industry was Willys.  The car we honor today is their 1927 Whippet - considered a compact vehicle at the time (hard to imagine), some automotive historians consider this the car that compelled Henry Ford to retire production of his Model T. The popularity of the Whippet was such that Ford's need to upgrade his car technology led to the introduction of the Model A that year. That's pretty significant.  Now, jump ahead fourteen years, and Willys contracted with the U.S. government to produce an all-purpose all-terrain vehicle for the military.  General Dwight D. Eisenhower described that car, the Jeep, as one of the most important vehicles in the Allied victory!