Tahar - Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The American Treasure Tour blog has been discussing the different circus posters hanging in our Toy Box for the last few weeks.  Today, we would like to highlight another starring act for the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus - Tahar, "Master of the Jaws of Death"!

Tahar Douis has been a circus man much of his life - he's now in his fifties.  He achieved his first fame as a strongman, gaining well-earned press in the 1970s when he earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for carrying twelve men weighing 1,700 pounds on his shoulders.  His feats dealing as an alligator wrestler are what brought him to Ringling, though.  One of Tahar's gators, named Jumpy, is eight feet long and famously inspired a scar across his forehead during one unfortunate match, but Tahar's skill at wrestling has earned for him the moniker "The Alligator King."  He performed with Ringling in the late 1980's.
QUESTION:  Which of the following is NOT one of Tahar's nicknames:
A)  Black Tarzan
B)  The Moroccan Master
C)  Snake Sorcerer
D)  The Alligator King

CCC!!!  The 1930s was a hard time in the United States.  Between the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl, people were struggling.  Many were desperate for work.  On this day in 1933, one of the most significant of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal programs was instituted: the Civilian Conservation Corps.  Young men in their late-teens and twenties were given work clearing lands, building buildings, and helping to preserve historic and natural sites around the country for an allowance, money sent home to provide for families, room and board.  Americans today benefit from the work they did in many, many ways.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHIRLEY!  Turning 81 today is the actress and singer Shirley Jones - as famous for her own work in musical theater and television as she is for her famous children, including son (Shaun Cassidy) and stepson (David Cassidy).  She also played the tv mom of David in the early-70s program, The Partridge Family.  In 1960, she won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as a vengeful prostitute in the Burt Lancaster film Elmer Gantry.

QUOTE:  I had done 25 movies prior to The Partridge Family, and nobody knew my name. - Shirley Jones.

ANSWER:  C)  Snake Sorcerer, although his snake shows are very well regarded, too, it's just not one of his nicknames.  If you selected D), then you just weren't paying attention, which makes us sad.