Tammy Wynette - 10-9


We at the American Treasure Tour blog listen to your requests - and sometimes we pretend we receive requests, too, to make ourselves feel more popular.  Today, it's the latter story, and we have determined you are hungry for more stories related to the record albums that adorn the walls in both the Music Room and the Toy Box.  We are going to talk aboutThe World of Tammy Wynette this fine October day!  Miss Wynette's resume is extremely impressive:  performing for four decades, she released a sum total of forty-two studio albums, and seventy-nine of her songs reached the country music top twenty, with a full twenty of them reaching number one.

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Her personal life may not be regarded as equally successful.  Married five times, in poor health much of her life and addicted to pain killers,  she died at the age of fifty-five.


Tammy Wynette and her second husband were considered Country Music royalty during their marriage in the early 1970s.  Who was she married to during this time? 

A)  Johnny Cash

B)  George Jones

C)  Tom T. Hall

D)  Johnny Paycheck

E)  Ray Charles

Answer Below

 Today in History;

 October 9, 1919.  A day which will live in baseball infamy.  The eighth game of the World Series, played between the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago White Sox ended today with the defeat of the Sox.  It would only come out later that eight members of the team intentionally threw the game for the sake of money.  Forever known thereafter as the Black Sox, the eight culprits were acquitted of their crime in court, but were banned from playing the game again for life.  The John Sayles movie Eight Men Out   tells the story offering its own interpretation of that fateful series.


Black Sox Scandal.jpg

Fifty years later, on the same day, another "Eight" was in the news.  The National Guard was called in to control protesters during the trial of the "Chicago Eight," who were in court defending themselves of accusations that they intentionally incited rioting during the Chicago Democratic National Convention.  Although the defendants were all eventually acquitted, the negative attention the convention received likely damaged the presidential campaign of Democratic nominee Hubert Humphrey.  The victory went to Richard Nixon.


 Jacques Tati was born on this date in 1907.  A French actor/director whose often dialogue-free films offered a comedic look at the ills of modernization in an increasingly technological society, Tati proved highly influential and is rated one of the worlds' fifty greatest directors, despite having only made six movies during his entire career.  (We at the ATT blog understand what the "A" stands for, but an occasional foreign honoree deserves attention every now and again, especially a French one since they often get the short stick with positive recognition.)

Another foreign-born birthday honoree, but resident of the United States at the time of his death was John Lennon.  Born on October 9th, 1940, Lennon's career likely demands little explanation.  As one of the co-founders of the British band The Beatles, he influenced the course of modern music more than almost anyone else.  As a solo artist, he espoused peace during times of war and was assassinated outside his home in New York City at the young age of forty. 


 Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted.  -- John Lennon

Answer:  B)